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2D/3D Game Art and Design Assets Production

Welcome to My Portfolio Page

My name is Roman Lembersky, and I am a 3D Generalist and Unity Artist.

I specialize in 2D/3D video game assets, vfx, and shader authoring with node-based software such as Unity’s Shader Graph and Shader Forge.

You can view my reel to the right, or you can find some of the work I’ve done in my gallery. If you’d like, you can play some of the games and test some VFX on this site through the web browser.

Contact me for any kind of work, full time, part time, or contractual.

I am always eager to work as a contractor or full time at any company. I pride myself in my diverse range of artistic disciplines, and versatility in what I can accomplish. Email or call me if you’d like to hire me for any of your projects!