Some reviews may take longer, so we may have to keep some or all of the deposit for a little longer. If a deposit area is applied to a portion of your deposit at the time of filing, we will notify you, including availability, before submitting your deposit and you can cancel your deposit on that date. Note that after a deposit, there could be other handles for the funds. In this case, you will receive a notification from us. For more information, see your deposit account. We may offer you additional options/preferences for providing different messages related to your online financial accounts or services. Below is a brief description of the different features and requirements for using extracts and documents online. We may, at our sole discretion, add, modify or delete any function of online excerpts and documents. Wells Fargo can automatically send you certain alert messages via email, SMS, push notification and/or otherwise, including on your mobile device. These messages may contain notifications of potential fraud on your debit or credit card, up-to-date account activities, or changes to your online profile.

You can choose not to receive push notifications by disabling push notifications in your Wells Fargo Mobile app. You can choose not to receive certain warning messages by disabling consent to receive text messages via the service. A person with the authority (real or apparent) to take action or make decisions about an online financial account or service. This definition includes any person (i) with the real or obvious power to access, manage, manage or do business for an online financial account or service, whether that person has signed a signature card or other relevant documentation, (ii) that an owner has provided online banking information for an online financial account or service, or (iii) the delegate. The API used in the agreement uses a safer and more tocodeable handshake between company servers, whereby customer financial data is shared. After integration, the API allows customers to share their financial data while maintaining the privacy of their user information. The registration process is simple and is designed to work perfectly in the user experience of applications supported by Plaid. If you give us a phone number, you agree that you have the phone number or that you are allowed to provide us with the phone number. You agree that we use automatic voting technology and/or artificial or pre-recorded voice messages to call or text you, even if the phone number is recorded at a mobile phone number or a voice over Internet log service. You understand and accept that we can make calls or send text messages with information, service or incasson messages on your account. To protect the security of your account, Wells Fargo does not support SMS or MMS features for VoIP, prepaid or fixed phone numbers.

To get text messages from Wells Fargo, such as. B unique passcodes or suspicious activity alerts, a mobile phone number and a device are required. Your mobile operator`s information and data rates may apply. For some transactions, we may also require additional security procedures. These additional security procedures may require specific hardware, software or third-party services. In order to enhance the security of your online financial accounts and services, we can also offer you additional and optional security procedures. This may include reference personal questions and answers, random number generators or unique passwords. With Wells Fargo Same Day Payments (“SDP Service”), you can pay a single bill to a participating recipient for a fee.