The two agreements differ in the options available at the end of the agreement. Unlike an LP in which you own the vehicle once the payment of the balloon has been made, you have the option to return the car at no additional cost if you opt for a PCP contract. The main difference between the LP and the PCP is that the payment of the ball with the first is mandatory. With this type of contract, you simply return the vehicle at the end of the contract, so you can sign a brand new carrier. There is no way to take responsibility for it. The shortest time for contract rent is 24 months. The duration of the contract affects your monthly fixed fee and the first payment. For drivers who want to own their car or van while avoiding the high monthly payments of a rental purchase, renting a rental is a fantastic option, as it combines the low monthly repayments of a contract rent with all the benefits of owning a car. With Hippo Leasing, we can offer you an excellent leasing contract. Our blog is here to try to answer any questions you might have about car and commercial vehicle rentals, as well as to bring you the latest news from everyone in motorsport.

The Volkswagen Golf R Mk8 and the new GTI Clubsport are VW`s best performance for 2021. But who is worth buying in these two hot hatches? For existing customers, we offer flexible daily car rental to keep your business-mobile For more information on car rental offers at Hippo Leasing, call us on 01254 95666 or email us today. The size of your monthly rents depends on the value of the vehicle, the length of the contract and the agreed mileage. You can also include in your monthly rents a maintenance package that helps pay for routine maintenance, maintenance, tires and other Wearables. The damage found is estimated on the basis of an estimate with a professional and by Run A Van. For damages that can be covered by the entire insurance, Run A Van may request, if this damage seems significant, the intervention of an automotive expert to write a survey report detailing the nature and cost of repairs. The operating costs are entirely attributable to the tenant. Expenses and costs related to the installation and restoration of the vehicle can be included: – Fees that are determined by mechanics and body professionals, – The cost of redemption and delivery of parts, equipment, accessories dissocible or not, exterior as inside the vehicle, solar film, adhesive advertising, – The billing of the past by Run A Van for repair and restoration of parts, Devices, accessories that can be separated or not, both outdoors and inside the vehicle, at 50 euros/hour price/person, – the billing of travel expenses necessary to carry out estimates, works, repairs and/or renovation of the vehicle and/or equipment and accessories (0.25 € the cost of stopping the vehicle beyond the duration of the lease of the contract , at a price of 50 euros per day, if the vehicle is stopped until it is renovated until the vehicle can be re-rented.