The Game

come si investe in opzioni binarie UpLow is a ball rolling game released for the Google Play Store in 2013. The game has since been re-released as UpLow Deluxe, an updated HD version with updated graphics, higher resolution textures, and new game play controls and mechanics. The object of the game was to roll a boulder in different stages to the end goal before the timer would run out. Players can gain gain additional time by collecting blue crystals scattered through each stage.

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  • 15 Fun Levels from Tropical Islands to Sky Gardens, and Ice Caverns!
  • 3D HD Graphics
  • Different boulder types with their own physics attributes
  • New Control Features replace tilt control with an easier Joystick.

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Art and Design
Roman Lembersky
Mario Ruiz Calle
Norbert Meszaros