Our hearts go out to our people and to the many families who will be in need because of the spread of COVID-19. Trimark continues to monitor information released by the CDC and follows local, government and federal legislation that provides additional income, provides leniency in student credit, and can help residential tenants. In these difficult times, we will continue to defend our people and their families. After clicking on the email link to open your rental document, check your identity by entering the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. If you don`t have an NSS, it will be your four-digit year of birth. The service guides you through the electronic signing process of the rental with your initials and signatures. If there is a section (for example. B pet or vehicle information) that doesn`t apply to you, you can put “N/A” or a dash in these fields. For the document, you must fill out each field before providing the “Finish” option. The university has a pet-friendly policy from August 2015. Students can accommodate up to two animals of the same species in the same room. Until now, all species were allowed to remain small rodents, especially snakes and amphibians, and some cats. The best part is that it`s free to be a student pet owner.

The university reserves the right to check the environment of each pet and to charge the owners for the damage done to their pets. Yes, yes. Tenant insurance is required before you sign your 10K personal property lease at Windsor Hall and 100K in liability coverage. Residents can purchase their own policy and file their proof of insurance at the time of signing the lease, or a policy can be purchased through the online application process through our preferred provider, Resident Shield. Most tenant insurance is very affordable, with insurance premiums of less than 20 $US per month on average. Pet ownership is consistent with university policy, which supports growth through hands-on learning and compelling experiences. The program is expected to develop and change as it is treated as a learning experience. We have a local policy for teachers and employees who want to buy, rent or build a house in Gainesville.

Please contact the leasing team to find out how we can help. If you decide not to visit the University of Florida or, for whatever reason, you will be disconnected before you move in, you can qualify for the termination of your lease. There is a rental pricing fee and a time structure for these fees. If you think this may apply to you or would like more information about the process, please contact our leasing office or our assistant director of marketing and leasing as soon as possible. High Point University`s pet policy allows fish, cats and dogs that have a totally non-aggressive breed or breed mix on campus. Animals are allowed at 30 lbs. water tanks should not exceed 5 gallons. All registered animals are limited to Townhomes at North College, and students are limited to one licensed pet per townhouse.

The university feels responsible for the entire student, the academic and personal growth. Focusing on a sense of community and pets are a good way to integrate a sense of responsibility and belonging. They also promote hands-on learning and experience outside the classroom. Our weight limit is 60 lbs and we allow up to two pets as long as their total weight does not exceed this amount. We have some racial restrictions for dogs, so if you can bring a pet or have plans to rehabilitate one while you are here, make sure you have your lease or ask the office for more information about breeds that are limited (the list is also on our application).