A designated area for tax reductions expires five years after the date of eviction. The lead auditor of each assessment district that assesses real property for a tax unit that has designated a reinvestment area or has made a tax reduction must provide the auditor with information about the area and the reduction. Fourth, when the area is located in a business, a bargaining number and a block number are required to identify where the company that received the discount is located in the business area. Cities or counties with a business zone should have wing and block numbers. If you don`t have the wing or block number, you can find it on the governor`s website, which is visible above. Wing and block numbers are based on federal census numbers for certain areas and are generally good for a period of 10 years, until the census is conducted every ten years (every 10 years), which changes the numbers and boundaries of tows and blocks. Use Form 50-278 to submit the three annual reports required for the expiration of a tax reduction agreement in accordance with § 312.005 (a-1). First, local tax units must identify the location or subdivision of the area, since a business area often encompasses almost an entire municipality. Sometimes there are multiple cities in a county with a business area. If the zone is expected to have only one activity expected in the beneficiary reduction, and no other company, then the name of the zone could contain the name of the company, as shown in the list of examples below. Each year, a mitigation agreement allows a local government to reduce the value of the property by up to 100%, less the value of the property during the year of performance of the contract.

Tax cuts reduce costs for property owners of new developments. This can help new businesses set up in the area or help existing businesses grow. In return, the local government obtains increased real estate values that increase the tax base and can create new jobs. A tax reduction is a local agreement concluded between a taxable person and a tax unit, which exempts all or part of the tax on the increase in the value of the property and/or physical assets for a maximum period of ten years. Tax cuts are an economic development tool available to cities, counties and special districts to attract new industries and support the retention and development of existing businesses through property tax exemptions or reductions. School districts cannot enter into mitigation agreements. It was therefore decided that Brazoria County would adopt these guidelines and criteria for granting a tax reduction in the reinvestment areas of Brazoria County. CONSIDERING that the property tax, when proposed to attract capital investment and primary employment in sectors that bring in money from outside a Community instead of simply reciting dollars within a community, has proven to be an effective method of improving and diversifying an economic sector; and a tax cut is an agreement between a local government and a property owner to exempt a portion of taxes due in return for improvements to the property….