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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Baltimore Maryland, Buy Viagra 200 mg in Berkeley California

The Project

This project attempts to recreate the Wood Elf City of Kelethin, from the first EverQuest MMORPG, in a modern Unity 3D engine. Inspired by the architecture, the layout, and the feeling of the Kelethin city, the project involves re-interpreting how the structures would look with a higher geometry count, HD graphics, and additional environmental.


  • Re-create an existing EverQuest zone with modern graphics and game engine. Showing off the full extent of the graphics Unity can provide.
  • Experiment and expand the limitations of what the Unity3D Engine can offer.
  • Expand the project to include all the features of the Greater Faydark (EverQuest Zone)!
  • Playable straight through the browser!
Coming Soon…

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Baltimore Maryland, Buy Viagra 200 mg in Berkeley California

3D Modeling and Texturing
Roman Lembersky
Unity Layout and Level Building
Roman Lembersky
Special Thanks To:
Project 1999, It’s Staff and Player Base
Brad McQuaid, EverQuest Designer and Inspiration