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Project EverQuest: Kelethin

The Project

This project attempts to recreate the Wood Elf City of Kelethin, from the first EverQuest MMORPG, in a modern Unity 3D engine. Inspired by the architecture, the layout, and the feeling of the Kelethin city, the project involves re-interpreting how the structures would look with a higher geometry count, HD graphics, and additional environmental.


  • Re-create an existing EverQuest zone with modern graphics and game engine. Showing off the full extent of the graphics Unity can provide.
  • Experiment and expand the limitations of what the Unity3D Engine can offer.
  • Expand the project to include all the features of the Greater Faydark (EverQuest Zone)!
  • Playable straight through the browser!
Coming Soon…


3D Modeling and Texturing
Roman Lembersky
Unity Layout and Level Building
Roman Lembersky
Special Thanks To:
Project 1999, It’s Staff and Player Base
Brad McQuaid, EverQuest Designer and Inspiration