In the whole debate about the 10 years of tax relief for new construction and renovations, no one is talking about the other five tax reduction programs that have been adopted and expanded to support more than 220,000 existing homeowners. In some cases, these programs completely eliminate their property tax bills as long as they live in their homes. Non-payment of your property taxes can lead to a sheriff`s sale of your property. Learn how to pay your bill or how to sign up for a payment contract. LOOP is used by more real estate than the new building and renovation. This program was introduced directly in response to AVI reassessments in 2014 to cushion low-income homeowners from drastic increases in their property tax bills. This is perhaps the most complex of the five programs to be understood and it is likely that many households eligible for these tax breaks do not know that they are eligible. However, the “fairness” claim filed by many opponents is unfounded, as the city gives up more than double the revenue for the other five tax relief programs, earns more than $156 million a year after analyzing urban data, and applies payment terms for an additional $86 million, compared to about $93 million for the 2017 GJ for construction reduction and renovation. And as the 10-year reduction on these properties comes to an end, Mayor Jim Kenney has included in the city`s budget that the new property taxes from these properties will go to the Affordable Housing Fund. To determine minimum monthly payment amounts, OOPA participants are ranked in one step out of five. Levels are based on monthly household income and family size. Depending on the rate, you pay a percentage of your monthly income each month on your property tax bill: if you stay behind with your property taxes, you may be entitled to a proprietary payment contract that reduces your payment for return taxes. The largest of the assistance programs, Homestead Exemption, which has been granted to more than 200,000 homeowners, has increased the amount that each homeowner can claim by 50% over the past two years.

All homeowners, unless they benefit from the 10-year reduction or LOOP, are entitled to this tax relief, which forfeits the first $45,000 of the value of the home each year, as long as the owner lives there. In the poorest neighbourhoods, where many homes are estimated at only $50,000, the homeowner`s taxable bill is paid. Meanwhile, the Active Duty Exemption for service members stationed outside Pennsylvania is used by only a handful of homeowners. Most people choose to set up their monthly payments based on their size and monthly income. If you find that your monthly payments are not affordable, you can request a review of your individual revenues and expenses. In this case, your monthly payment is based on your net monthly income per expense. The five property tax reductions available to existing homeowners are: If you have specific questions about this payment plan, contact the Ministry of Finance. To participate in the legitimate property tax, you are required to pay all new property taxes as soon as they become due.