Note on rent increase: Not specified in the Leasing Act. Nevertheless, landlords should give tenants an appropriate indication to prevent tenants from moving. North Carolina Association of Realential Lease Agreement (Form 410-T) .pdf – This professionally created form is NC-specific and can be used for normal leasing situations to link up to four (4) tenants to a unit or home lease. It is developed by the brokers` association and is very detailed and contains all the necessary conditions to remain in compliance with state law. If an owner does not want (or does not wish to) make minor changes, this form should be used. The North Carolina Standard Residential Lease Agreement is an official document that is used to insure one (1) tenant or more for an average term of (1) years in a rental agreement. After the signing, the document binds both a lessor (known as the “lessor”) and the tenant (tenant) to a contract that contains information describing what the parties are supposed to benefit from protections, the length of the lease, the consequences of certain acts or behaviours, and certain other important subjects. Maximum deposit (nr. 42-51): two (2) months of rent if the duration of the tenancy is more than two (2) months. The section also covers the eight (8) deductions that landlords can legally take on bonds.

Tenant Review: North Carolina Bail Deposit Request: (No. 42-50): Landlords have thirty (30) days to return the deposit to the tenant. However, if the landlord needs more time to assess the damage to the rent, he can send within thirty (30) days an interim communication that brings the total possible restitution period to sixty (60) days.