1. Under these ministerial conditions, the following definitions apply. Fiscal Year 2019-20: AAFC will engage in the industry to reach a general agreement on a new policy. The CFAA and CFIA will then validate each proposed change to the guidelines with a broader group of industry and public stakeholders. Following these consultations, recommendations will be submitted to Canada`s Minister of Agriculture and Agriculture for consideration. Stakeholders stated that it was costly and time-consuming to meet federal requirements for inter-provincial trade in order to market products across national borders, particularly for meat and meat products. This issue was raised in consultations with the Canada Gazette. More generally, the reports on the economic strategy table speak of the importance of removing internal trade barriers within Canada. The Safe Food for Canadians Act and Regulations came into force in January 2019 and took the first steps to provide greater flexibility in meeting federal requirements through its results-based approach. In addition, the CFIA, in collaboration with provincial and territorial partners (P/T), will establish criteria for assessing the equivalence of food safety programs between federal and provincial standards and then evaluate provincial recognition systems on a voluntary basis. An equivalency assessment instrument with the provinces is expected to be developed by the summer of 2019, while work on the development of recognition agreements will begin in 2020. Recognition of equivalency would streamline the regulatory system for the industry by reducing duplication and duplication of requirements.

This document sets out the terms of agreements that the Minister imposes under section 66 of the Pest Control Products Act. An agreement must be reached when an applicant wishes to follow the formal procedure defined by the pest control regulation (also known as “regulations”) to rely on the data to be claimed from a registrant when registering a generic drug. The agreement will be used in conjunction with the Pest Control Products and Pest Control Products Act. This agreement does not require the applicant to continue registering a pest control product. The determination of the award to be paid and the nature of the payment must allow the Minister to decide what the applicant must do to meet the regulatory requirements when the applicant decides to pursue the application for registration. When the applicant enters into a negotiation agreement with the registrant, the terms of the transaction agreement are binding on the contracting parties. If the parties result in binding arbitration proceedings, the arbitration award is enforceable in accordance with Article 7. 15.37 The Committee supports these agreements in principle, which aim to promote and facilitate inter-departmental cooperation.