The contract must necessarily be registered in the register of personal property according to the official model established for this purpose. In our country, the fastest and most comfortable rental system is renting. This rental agreement assumes that this thing will belong to the tenant as long as the monthly fee is paid. Its duration usually extends from one to five years, and once the contract is over, it goes to the owner, who can rent or sell it in any second-hand market. A lease agreement is a contract by which a landlord (i.e. the lessor) allows another person or company (i.e.dem tenant) to rent his property for a period of time and, as a rule, for a fee. For the tenant, the tenancy agreement defines in writing his rights and obligations arising from the tenancy agreement and what he is expected (i.e. the amount of rent he must pay). The lease also acts as a restriction for the lessor, since the lessor cannot unilaterally change the terms of the lease without the agreement of the taker.

For example, if the parties agree on the rental price, the landlord cannot unilaterally increase the rent without the tenant`s consent. In the above cases, the lessor can invoke the lease agreement to ask the taker to comply with the terms of the lease. If the tenant still refuses to comply with the lessor, he can file an appeal in court to (a) compel the lessor to comply; or (b) terminate the lease and even claim damages. 12. Exclusion of oral agreements. This instrument contains all the agreements reached by the parties. No oral or other statement, past or future, is binding on either party. 1. parts. This agreement is concluded [months], [day], 20 between [Name], [address], here referred to as “owner” and [name] of [address], here called “Lessee”. Neither this lease nor any interest in it can be transferred or transferable through legal conduct.

If a bankruptcy procedure, as amended, is initiated by or against the tenant or if the tenant is deemed insolvent or if the tenant makes an assignment for the benefit of his creditors or if a letter of seizure or execution is filed on the device and is not released or executed within ten days , or if a liquidator is appointed in a procedure or act that is the tenant entitled to take possession or control of the device, the lessor has one or more remedies covered by Section 14 and may exercise them; this lease ends immediately at the landlord`s choice and is not considered an asset of the taker after the exercise of this option.